Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mind Block

I got nothing much to tell today, because why..? The reason is I got nothing to do today, just sit at my table and online all day long. Life sucks here at unisel..haha! yeay haha..!!

Oh yeay.! Happy Birthday to three of my best mates..Amy, Man, Naz..
keep annoying everyday ait guys and best wishes to all of you.
Sorry I cant give any present to you guys..no money maa. Financial crisis.haa!
Korang best ar, b'day serentak kasi package kat ktorang, bagi kusut palewh camner nak kasi hadiah. Hehe..
again Happy Birthday.!!

Today is starting of the end of this semester
because the first paper starts today.
I'm not really ready..Agama wei.
but true and true, just be positive.

wish for my best...amin!

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