Friday, February 6, 2009

Cool or What..!!

Yeah nothing much to do bloco pract, no upbeats jamm.. life sucks now..i wish i can back to jb early,
so i can ride my bike,
go jamm with 5 4 Nothing,
playing with mizan and kaseh..really miss them..

ok enough complaining wan, be a the ritght thing..haha..!!
u know sometime im blog-hopping, not that im kepoh or something but u so bored so decided to blog-hopp..yeay,
as i hopp-ing, i came across this horoscope thing at Ima's blog. Its really interest me to this explanation and elaboration about people's personality and their horoscope.
Its not that i believe ir anything, but when i read about my my horoscope....its really match/fix/bamm with what i think i am..its really awed me..this is so cool..ok let me share what it says...

He is very emotional and always allow himself to be very emotional. He can have a good night sleep and be in a good mood, and less than few hours at work he can be very moody. He does not understand things or try to understand things easily. If you notice him carefully, you will notice what kind of moods he is in. He is a thinker and able to do well at work and always succeed. His normal gestures mean he always look at other people faults, but he will not talk about it. He has the ability to know your thought and able to tell you what you are thinking about.He can mostly memorize all his anger, his loves. They are his important secrets and he will keep them to himself and will never let you know. He is not a very ambition man and careless about his position in society. Wealth does not drawn his attention, because he is not greedy man and as well het hinks money is not something that will last. He could be very careless about his future.
He does not like to fight against all odds, but instead following the stream and make life easier. Sometimes because he likes to take an easy path, which cause him very unsteady future.He is kind and slightly lazy, but it is his cute character. He hates rules and regulations. He will never look down on people. He is a polite guy and can be very aggressive when he is mad. He loves to think that he lives in a beautiful world and surround by nice people, so if he finds his world is cruel and not what he expects, he will live in his world instead.His other charm is that he is a funny guy,(this is what i think my friend think of me..hehe) and it is his real weapon. He cant ease you and yet make it looks like one of his joke. Even when he is sad,he still has that funny face, so you could hardly tell if he is mad or depress. He likes to hide his feeling and help other people especially those who need friend or lonely.He will be everything that you want and everything you do not want. He has a chance to make it as much as a chance to fail.
He can determine to make it work and can do it well, except he tends to lost his energy with other important things, that's how he miss many of his good opportunity.He can be happy and content by himself. What he think is important is not'Love' ,but firm status and stability. He has plenty of love for you.He is a good speaker, as much as he is a good listener. When he is with you,he wants to be happy. He understand his partner's emotional. He likes to take a long rest and sometimes being alone. If he needs to be alone, try not to disturb him.He is a sensitive, quiet , shy and easily hurt. He wants to feel worthy. He can be mad and noisy, but once he calm down, he will be that happy person again. He is not a jealous or possessive guy, and if he feels jealous he will hide it.
He has many friends of both sex, and he care about his friends. He likes to have lots of friends, so you can not get jealous or else you will loose him. He likes beautiful things, so if a pretty woman walk by he will look ,so do not get mad at him knowing this fact.When he is lonely or feeling sad, be close to comfort him. He does not like to take advice,so if you want him to listen or to follow your advice, you have to act as a good sample for him first. He likes a cheery and a smart woman. If you treat him like he is your special person, then he will be that special person for you. He will trust you if he is in love, but try not to over doing it and spoil him too much. You have to know yourself worth all the time too.
I don't know guys, but from what i read and ponder about my self...some of it true..the green one is what i think is true..what u guys think...? izit..? well i don't know....haha
ok enough wan, go to sleep....Zzzz...

Im Just Shock..!!

This is my first time to blog. Lots of my friend are already blogging, sharing there stories, life and interesting moments with others. I don't know why im a bit slow to this thing, maybe i don't want or maybe I don't know how to share my stories with others. Well poor me. But hey, people can change. I don't' know, something accrue to me suddenly telling me to try. Well here i go, but please don't mind my english k, I know it sucks. What a drag...

So today I got some really shocking news from an old friend of mine, childhood friend..not an old age friend..just a friend since I was a kid...u know..nevermind..She's a student from UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)and she posted a comment to my Friendster account, a news..really really really shocking news. At the first time I don't believe it, I'm just thinking she just playing with me, then i replied back telling don't mess around and tell me is it true. So she give this link. So I was like woo...ok let's check it out. As I open the link, there are some pictures, pictures of a person I know. That person is smiling, happy and beautiful with white dress. At that moment, I don't know what I's a mixture of shock,happy,enthusiasm and disbelievement all together. Its a concrete prove. Literally....... Ok wan enough with the drama..don't make it more suspense..haha. U guys wanna know what she it is:-

m i L L a
document.write.Date("02/5/2009 2:41 am) 02/5/2009 6:41 pm
heeee~~ ye abg besaa...bak kata cik siti salbiah hamzah,, kami akan ke majlis kawen cik noor Sipolan Sipolan pada akhir bln 3 ini... jadi,, sudikah kiranya kita semua pergi bersama2.. heeeee~~

I was like 'What Da Funk..!!' This girl I know since we were kid is getting married..!! Its really makes me jump off the couch. Shocking news. Married at young age..aahh, I wish I can married young.pffft. Suddenly I think about the old time, flashback when I was 6, in kindergarten, me n my three cool gang likes to disturb her and her best friend often. We not just disturb, we chase her, pull her hand, take her lunch box till they cry..haha. I know I know Im a cruel evil boy..but hye, it was long time ago, I'm a gentleman now..haha. And I remembered one time we chased her back from K, she ran from us and ran to her house. We can see she's really scared of us and cry when she opened the door and dashed inside. And then I remembered we sat in front of her house and start singing..'maafkan kami...jeng jeng jeng jeng...maafkan kami...' Seriously we sang the song from Pendekar Bujang Lapok, try to apologise..say sorry, we really feel bad about it and try to settle it down. I'm the the lead singer and the others were just back up singer. And then I remembered, she opened the window and start smiling and laughing to us. Apology accepted. I guess the singing thing works after all. You guys should try..haha.

And then I remembered when we were 9, you get lovy dovy, scandalising, cinta monyet with my best friend. Try to keep the relationship secret and all..haha, and I become your postman, delivery guy..sending message, letters and what other stuff to him, what a drag. And one time you and him snogging in corner of car park, and I'm the one who make sure the coast is clear,haha..we are really advance rite that time..what a memory. Then couple years later in our UPSR year, you were one of the top students in the school. Grades in flying colors every time, admired by teachers with the other top notch students, really makes me envy. But hey, that old story, we have our own path to journey now rite..

All I wanna say is, actually I'm really shocked to hear that you are getting married, but I'm happy for you. Life partner is in God's hand. What best for you is best for me, your happiness is my happiness.I hope your marriage will stay everlasting. Do have cute and great kids one day.

'Selamat Pengantin Baru'

Love Uan,

i don't even hve a girlfiend..huhu